About us

Vectria Technologies specializes in RF to mmWaves design and manufacturing, delivering state of the art added value products and solutions.

Vectria Technologies was founded in 2002 to deliver innovative Microwave solutions along with cost-effective high repeatability implementations. This was achieved by a highly experienced engineering team combining
technologies and disciplines from both the military and the commercial domains.

Vectria Technologies developed unique design tools and methodologies to enable the use of new technologies and implementation methods.

Vectria Technologies has vast experience enabling it to offer a wide range of products such as: Transmitters,
SSPAs, Tuners, Receivers, Exciters, Signal Sources, T/R Modules, Beam Forming Networks, high power low loss as well as fast low power control/passive components (Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Switches, Limiters, Filters etc.), along with special components such as ultra wideband amplifiers, very low noise amplifiers, highly selective or
linear phase shifters and multiplexers, and much more.

Vectria Technologies is ISO-9001 approved, and is an authorized supplier for major military system integrators,
as well as supporting RoHS directive whenever applicable.

Vectria Technologies was founded by Reviv Levin which brings more than 30 years of experience in military and commercial RF & Microwave components and systems. Reviv served as Microwave Development Dep’ Manager in “Elta” (IAI), and as Radio Development Dep’ Manager in Alvarion.

Vectria Technologies