July 2019 –  Vectria Technologies is proud to be part of the Arrow 3 successful interception trial in Alaska, several of our products are integrated within the system.

July  2018 –  Vectria Technologies is expanding its engineering team and hiring development and integration engineers.

August 2017 – Vectria Technologies’ new website platform and new web-store have been launched.

August 2017 – Vectria Technologies updated its ISO-9001 qualification according to the new ISO 9001:2015

July 2017 – Vectria Technologies will participate the IEEE COMCAS 2017 exhibition, planned on Nov. 13-14 at David Intercontinental hotel Tel Aviv, visit us at booth no. 98.

July 2016 – Vectria Technologies has doubled its facilities area and capacity in order to enable current
requirements as well as near future forecasts.

June 2015 – Vectria Technologies will participate the IEEE COMCAS 2015 exhibition, planned on Nov. 2-4,
visit us at booth no. 59.

April 2015 – Vectria Technologies have completed the development of a 19″ Rackmount Octave Bandwidth
High Power 300W CW GaN SSPA.

June 2014 – Vectria Technologies has signed a contract for the development and delivery of High Power
Wideband Rackmount SSPAs.

February 2014 – Vectria Technologies has completed the development and delivery of a High Power Pulsed
Transceiver for the HLS Market.

August 2013 – Vectria Technologies has participated in the IEEE COMCAS 2013 exhibition, booth no. 64.

June 2012 – Vectria Technologies has participated in the Montreal IMS exhibition, booth no. 3117.

April 2011 – Vectria Technologies successfully completed the development of dual diversity Wideband Tuners
for data reception, sigint and general applications.

July 2010 – Vectria Technologies received an order and signed a contract of about 0.5M$ to develop and
deliver Wideband Tuners.

February 2010 – Vectria has completed the development of a class of Low Loss Digital Power Phase Shifters
for upto 1KW.

October 2009 – Vectria upgraded its ISO-9001 qualification according to the new standard ISO-9001-2008.

July 2009 – Vectria releases VEC-109 and VEC-109EX, revolutionary 12 and 18 GHz high impedance
in-circuit RealProbes.

November 2008 – Local community benefits from Vectria’s cooperation with IWS – article.

October 2008 – Vectria receives an order of more than 600K$ for the delivery of airborn Frontends.

January 2008 – Vectria’s new website has been formally launched.

December 2007 RealProbe VEC-102 was chosen among the Best 10 products of 2007 on – RF Global Net.

May 2007 – Vectria wins a contract of nearly 1M$ to supply Broadband High Linearity Preselectors – news on RFG, Preselector.

November 2006 – Vectria advertize its Custom Solutions brochure.

July 2005 – Vectria was audited by IQC/BVQI and found to be in compliance with the requirements of the
standard ISO 9001:2000.

June 2005 – Vectria’s New In-circuit testing Concept article have been published on Microwave Journal June 2005 edition.

May 2005 – Vectria is in the process of ISO-9001-2000 Quality standard approval.

October 2004 – Vectria launches the unmatched performance 7GHz ! RealProbe VEC-102.

May 2004 – The Israeli ministry of commerce autorized a new investment plan for Vectria: Globes Newspaper Article.

March 2004 – Vectria participates Technologies exhibition at the Congress center in TA.

Januar 2004 – Vectria launches RealProbe VEC-101 and COEX VEC-103 standard products.

October 2003 – Vectria occupies its new facility in the northern industrial zone of Ashkelon.

September 2003 – Vectria expands its design team.