Vectria Technologies offers a large variaty of product capability, from component through module to system levels. Vectria delivers both custom and standard state of the art products, as well as highly cost effective solutions for both the commercial and military markets.

Custom Designed Products

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Custom Products Capabilities

Standard Products

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SSPA: 19″ Rackmount or compact airborne state of the art Solid State Power Amplifiers.
                    VEC-110: 800-1650 MHz, 250W CW or Pulsed rackmount unit.
                    VEC-111: 1200-1400 MHz, 400W pulsed rackmount unit.
                    VEC-112: 8-11 GHz, 250W Pulsed airborne unit.
                    VEC-112B: 8-11 GHz, 125W Pulsed airborne unit.
                    VEC-113: 800-2500 MHz 250W CW or pulsed rackmount unit.
                    VEC-114: 800-2500 MHz, 600W CW rackmount unit.
                    VEC-115: 800-2500 MHz,  800W / 1KW Pulsed rackmount unit.

RealProbe: Unmatched performance In-Circuit RealProbes up to 18GHz:
                    VEC-101: 4GHz RealProbe.
                    VEC-101G: 4GHz single GND RealProbe.
                    VEC-102: 7GHz RealProbe.
                    VEC-109: 12GHz RealProbe.
                    VEC-109EX: 18GHz RealProbe.
                   RealProbe FAQ
                   Manuals & Application notes

Low Loss Power Dividers (Splitters):
                   • VEC-116: 2.3-2.5 GHz 6 way 50W CW / 500W Peak Power Divider.
                   • VEC-116EX: 1.8-3 GHz 6 way 50W CW / 500W Peak Power Divider.

• Wide Band Phase Shifters:
                    VEC-106: 0.8 – 1.8 GHz 6 bit digital Phase Shifter.
                    VEC-107: 1.6 – 2.7 GHz 6 bit digital Phase Shifter.
                    VEC-108: 2.4 – 4.2 GHz 6 bit digital Phase Shifter.

High Power IFF Phase Shifters: 4 bit below 1dB Insertion Loss or 6 bit below 1.5dB Insertion Loss.

• High Power Multiport SwitchesHigh power Ultra Low Loss Lband  21 port switch.

Wide Band Tuners: Wideband tuners for data reception, sigint or general applications.

COEX: Coverage expansion for WLAN over existing CATV infrastructure.