Custom Products Capabilities

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Components, Super components, Plug-in cards:
Power Amplifiers, Up/down converters, Analog/Digital control devices: DCAs, VVAs, Phase shifters, Switches,
Limiters, Filters: Lumped, Distributed, Fixed/variable, Linear phase,  Multiplexers, Switched banks, Mixers,
Amplifiers: LNAs, Power, Variable gain, Multipliers, Synthesizers, Mod/demodulators, Oscillators.

Modules, Sub-systems:
ODUs, IDUs, Front ends, T/R modules, Receivers, Transmitters, Exciters, Synthesizers, Transponders, SSPA.

Communications: Broadband Wireless Access:  Linear (64 QAM) wide dynamic range, Base stations,
Terminal stations, 3.5 to 40GHz.
RF & Microwave equipment for analog and digital military communication links, for ground, naval and airborne
applications. Multiple bands flight test telemetry tuners, SIGINT broad band tuners, general purpose wideband tuners.

Radar: “L” TO “Ka” band T/R modules, Beam and multibeam control modules,  beam formers, beam switchers,
Converters, Exciters, Receivers.

EW: Ultrafast wideband direct synthesizers, Channelized receivers, Front ends, Converters, Transmitters,
Doppler modulators, and Control modules.

Measurement Equipment:
ATE:  Multiple ports / wide range of tets, special measurement solutions.
RF/Microwave debugging tools.

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