RealProbe RF Probes

RealProbe (Patent pending)

Join Motorola, Texas Instruments, General Microwave, Nortel, Elisra, Elta, Aeroflex and other leading companies which have entered the ERA of the RealProbe. RealProbe is a family of new concept unmatched performance
In Circuit RF Probes covering up to 18GHz. These are must tools for any in circuit RF and Microwave testing and troubleshooting.

RealProbe RF Probe

Shorten your development cycles and accelerate your debugging process.
Suitable for use with any measurement equipment via SMA cable:

Power Meter, Spectrum / Network / Signal Analyzers, Frequency Counter etc.

• Broadband Flat high accuracy response up to 18GHz
• Integrated matched ground returns
• High Impedance, Negligible effect on circuitry
• Up to 2W avg. and 25W peak of input power
• Probing (Coupling) factor: 25+/-0.5 db nom.
• Input/Output DC blocking capacitors

Vectria’s In-circuit testing concept article has been published on Microwave Journal June 2005 edition.

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VEC-109EX – 18GHz RealProbe RF Probe
VEC-109 – 12GHz RealProbe RF Probe
VEC-102 – 7GHz RealProbe RF Probe
VEC-101/101G 4GHz RealProbe RF Probes

RealProbe’s Frequently Asked Questions

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