RealProbe FAQ

What can the RealProbe do?
The RealProbe enables accurate insight for multifunction RF & Microwave circuits from 300KHz till 18GHz,
It actually enables to perform reliable, quantitative and accurate measurements in virtually any point over
the circuit. The RealProbe is a handheld high impedance ground refered in-circuit passive probe with an output SMA connector enabeling measurements on any relevant measurement equipment, such as: Power meter, spectrum
analyzer, network analyzer, oscilloscopes, signal analyzer, frequency counter etc, for measurements such as: power, gain, delay, phase, linearity, distortion, harmonics, frequency, time domain etc.

Does the RealProbe require periodic calibration?
No, the RealProbe is a passive device not prone for mechanical or electrical instabilities.

Does the RealProbe require DC supply?
No, the RealProbe is a passive device.

Whom does the RealProbe ment for?
Any RF & Microwave technician or engineer, as well as system engineers, for both development and debugging or troubleshooting of RF & Microwave circuits. Due to its pocket size and clip it is actually the RF & Microwave
“Electrical Tester”.

How is the RealProbe in comparison to other existing probes?
The RealProbe major competition till 18GHz are active probes. RealProbe outperforms these probes by almost all criteria and by far in terms of: accuracy, linearity, dynamic range, reliability, size, ease of use, suitability for
connecting to various measurement equipment and many more. Above all it costs much less! and frequently even less than repairing a mulfunctioning active probe (which is not a rare situation).

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