VEC-102 RealProbe

VEC-102 RealProbe (Patent pending)

  • Broadband Flat high accuracy response up to 7GHzVEC-102 RealProbe RF Probe
  • Integrated matched ground returns
  • Self aligning independent height contacts
  • High Impedance, Negligible effect on circuitry
  • Up to 2W avg. and 25W peak of input power
  • Input/Output DC blocking capacitors


                           RF Globalnet TOP 10 of 2007 RF Globalnet Readers' Choice May 2007


Major Specifications:
  • Frequency Range: 10MHz – 7GHz nom.
  • 1dB Probing factor frequency: 7GHz nom.
  • Max average input (probed) power: 2 watt
  • Max Peak (probed) power: 25 watt
  • Max Input Voltage: 30V DC
  • Probing factor (Coupling): 25dB (±1dB) nom.*
  • Equipment output Impedance: 50 ohm
  • Input/Output DC blocked

Notes: * All Electrical performances are related to 50ohm microstrip or coplanar transmission lines, with proper side grounds and matched source/load impedance. coupling parameters relates to the band 10MHz – 6GHz.

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