Quality Policy Principles
Vectria Technologies’ quality policy is based on the assurance  that any and all company procedures and processes, should be sharply defined, verified, documented, monitored for consistency, and constantly improved to enable
delivery of the highest possible quality with
near zero returns.

Quality Assurance
In order to assure the highest quality  all procedures are constantly evaluated, equipment is periodically calibrated, and all deviations either in production or in any other stage  are recorded and numbered in a dedicated deviation form and  corrective actions  are monitored in a periodically FRB (failure review board) meetings managed by the quality assurance supervisor. The Quality Assurance Inspection procedures are tailored to insure that the product is built precisely to all contractual and engineering requirements. Quality is maintained through uniformity and
consistency of fabrication, assembly, test and
inspection activities.

– Vectria Technologies is an ISO-9001:2015 certified vendor.
– Vectria Technologies’ assembly workers are trained periodically and certified to the updated IPC-A-610 Class III
    standard of Acceptability for Electronic Assemblies.
– Vectria Technologies performs FAI according to AS9102 standard.
– Vectria Technologies is well experienced with certification of products according to the required international
    standards such as CE, EMI/EMC (461A-X, 704 and others), etc.

Quality Control
All products are manufactured according to released traveler cards, and any operation is recorded, quality control is performed in critical phases by the relevant QC supervisor, starting from the early stages of purchased material
arrival (incoming inspection), through all manufacturing stages upto final inspection of the units prior to delivery.

Configuration Control and  Documentation
Vectria Technologies has a well established configuration control system for all its products, including
project/derivative/revision control and follow ups.

All parts and procedures are required to be approved and released prior to use or production during a release
meeting with all relevant functions.

All relead documents are kept as reference in an archive at the main facility server, and backed up periodically.

Vectria Technologies’ products are designed and manufactured to best meet reliability requirements through:
– Use of  high quality materials and components, from respectable approved vendors/distributors, with attention to
    date/lot codes, ESD packaging and MSL levels.
– Controlled environment storage: Anti static packaging, controlled monitored temperature and humidity levels.
– Use of consistent, well defined and carefully monitored manufacturing processes and procedures.
– Attention for suitable plating/finish and sealing methods to meet the required environmental conditions by
    avoiding: dissimilar metals galvanic corrosion effects, fluids absorption, etching, diffusion, dissolution, migration,
    contamination etc.
– Electrical and environmental stress analysis and optimization
– MTBF analysis and optimization according to the required standards such as MIL-HDBK-217.
– ESS /HASS testing in production to filter out workmanship issues.
– Carefully defined and consistent acceptance testing procedures, including UPS backed up automatic testing
    where applicable.
– Implementing ESD program which meets the intent of MIL-S-1686.
– All work stations, workers and ESD equipment are monitored on a regular basis.