HF-SoB – Vectria’s unique HF-SoB (High Frequency System on a Board) methodology enables to integrate large system portions on a single board to substantially reduce system volume, complexity and cost, while enhancing system
repeatability. Vectria’s technology uses multy layer SMT solutions up to mmwaves, for both low and high power functions, integrating digital and analog circuitry with all RF/Microwave functions on a single board, saving
considerable space and eliminating most interconnecting cables and harnesses.

EE-SMD – Vectria’s EE-SMD (End to End Surface Mount Devices) technology enables to use SMT devices for
implementation of almost all possible functions, from S.Signal to High Power (HP-SMT), DC to mmWaves, Large
(hundreds of ports BGA or similar) to Chip Scale and 0201 devices, from standard attenuators to high precision phase shifters, from limiters to low phase noise synthesizers, and much more.

HP-Design – Unique high power design tools and capabilities upto KWatts power, Pulse to CW, for fabrication of switches, limiters, Amplifiers, filters and more. High voltage analog drivers and switching circuitry.
HP-SMT techniques for heat dissipation of both series and shunt devices.
Fail Safe or NO external control TX-SW-Limiter technology.

Innovative Implementations – For precision phase shifters, direct and indirect synthesizers, exotic transfer function and tunable filters, amplitude control elements, amplifiers and much more.

Real Probe – Real high impedance In-Circuit probing technology up to 18GHz.